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The BUCH, automatic bending equipment for manufacturing wire parts in three dimensions is the ideal answer to prototype production demand, together with small and medium series.

This equipment is characterised by its flexibility and insignificant tool cost, allowing "Just in Time" production strategy in accordance with clients' needs.

Material bending is performed from the roll, carrying out successive wire advances and bending by means of mechanically-driven bending carriages.

Because of the machine conception, there is an option that by using a rotating support, acting with the feeder from one side or the rear, which will allow great preparation ease for manufacturing a wide variety of parts in various sizes.

The bending carriages, which incorporate a cam and cam-follower with a standard profile that allows the various tool advances and positioning, can be fixed to any point on the bench circumference and with any orientation with respect to its centre. One of the carriages can be located at the rear of the bench so that it acts perpendicular to its centre.

The electronic numerical control is easily and simply programmed and is available in several languages. The measurements are entered in millimetres. The machine programme was designed so that the cams are combined in order to manufacture the part on the lowest possible number of steps. Programming experience is quickly acquired because it is very simple, with both production and quality results being very satisfactorily achieved within a very short time.