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With its machines, BUCH has produced easy-to-operate equipment that can straighten and cut wires of various lengths and diameters very easily. These machines mainly consist of:

One or two rotating straightening machines that contain the nozzles, the number of which and material of which, depends on the material to be straightened.

A drive system with one, two or three rollers, depending on the machine mode. The machine shafts are suitably treated, mounted on bearings and immersed in an oil bath.

Mechanical or hydraulic cutting systems for which the cutting signals come from the actual wire that is being cut in both cases.

A rod exit and collection bench. The bench length depends on the wire to be cut.

Electronic equipment incorporating a timer, a device that shuts down the machine if the wire feed is interrupted and a counter-pre-selector programmable with the desired number of wires. Some models are fitted with frequency variators.  



New system for smooth straightening wires

Automatic adjustment of the position of straightening via pushbuttons.